Tarceva Eriotinib 150mm

Any body else using this drug Tarceva.

I have stage 4 lung cancer and I was lucky to receive this drug treatment and I know all the techical jargan but havnt spoken to some body who is using it 

Susan J, Nathan threw a punch at your cancer.
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Not I... but have a question how bad is your rash?? Assuming that you've read the literature there seems to be some correlation between severity of the rash and how effective the chemo
Hi Neal, I have been off line for a few days. The rash is very similar to what I remember as teenage spots , however with antibiotics and creams they are a lot better. Thank you
Okay... much love and Hope that the chemo is kicking the cancer to smithereens and Kingdom Come... Continued prayers that your body heals
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I don't know anything about it, but wishing you great good luck! 💪🏽
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Vital Info


October 17, 2017

Mooloolah Valley, Queensland, Australia 4553

April 29, 1958

Cancer Info

Lung Cancer

Still to be adviced

August 15, 2017

Stage 4

The constant pain and every body saying sorry. There are lots of people out there with much worse issues to overcome

Every breathe could be your last !

Be kind to each other it could be your turn next

Friendship love and understanding

Dont pollute your body with scrap junk food

Create an image. Cancer is like a runaway fire, keep in front of it. Find a safe place to hind.

Sore shoulder blade, shortness of breathe, very tight and uncomfortable chest . Total lack of energy


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